The Crew

Mr. H- Hes the best.  And I’m not just saying that.  Not only is a hot – he is nice, sensitive, caring, and an all around good guy.  Ask anyone. Also he is SUPER handy and can do almost anything...

LA - This little lady is my world.  Not much more I can say about her.  She is a TRIP.  She rivals me as the funniest person I know. She is a total maniac and I love her to peices.

LouLou is a trip.  She is a total maniac.  Her favorite things to do right now are hit her sister, laugh, and yell really really loud.   She is so awesome. Love her to pieces.

GW & Sophie- my 2 kick ass dogs.  They are perfect.  They adore each other, tennis balls, biscuits, and us.  GW is a cocky meathead and Sophie is a self-conscious basket case, but they are total BFF’s.

And this is me.  I’m a total underachiever and a complete control freak who is obsessed with my babies, my dogs, facebook, wine, and rearranging things in my house.