Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday, Im in love...

Ill take them...

Normally I am a sucker for an all white kitchen, but I am loving the black cabinets here.  mixed with the wooden beams and brass accents.  Im in love. And its perfect with the white subway tile and grey grout.

Kiddy Docs?  Yes Please.  Except my child wouldnt be caught dead in them because
1. they dont twirl
2. they arent pink
3. they dont sparkle
4. i like them.

she would however swoon over this, kinda like I did.  until i saw the price tag.  seriously? $170 for some chiffon and sparkles?  come on, JCrew.

I love a good Ikea hack. Im really loving this little table.  Im pretty sure you could stick legs on any piece of furniture and Im going to love it.

Happy Friday!  Its 65 degrees and sunny out so Im taking advantage.