Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide

I love Mr H, a lot.  But he sucks at gift giving.  He knows it and acknowledges it too.  Im not hating, its actually become kind of a running joke in our home. He gave me a foreman grill for our first christmas together.
Dont get me wrong, he has gotten some great gifts over the years, but most Christmases i buy myself some junk and throw it under the tree and say its from him.  Hes cool with it.
But this year he wanted a list.  So seeing as though my blog posts are emailed directly to his in box, I thought Id create a holiday gift guide just for him :)  And you too mom if your looking :)

4 of these french wine glasses please

This blanket from IKEA.

This metal wall bin...I already have the perfect spot in mind for it. 

Ive been pretty good all year, i think i deserve this...(BTW - this is way over the budget of what we normally spend on each other, but i thought id throw it out there)

im a sucker for anything in matt black
and a couple little stocking stuffers...

this wristlet that would hold my phone.  Its hard finding the phone/wallets to hold a Galaxy...(with an S of course)

this cute little key chain

I think that is a good starting point for you babe.  get busy :)