Tuesday, November 12, 2013

thrift store finds

Ive gotten pretty lucky at the thrift store lately.
i scooped up a plain old basket recently for 50 cents, took it home and had some fun with spraypaint...

heres what it looked like at first...

now its home to little shoes!

Im Dutch- so i have a soft spot for anything with wooden shoes or a windmill.  this vintage tray was on a clearance rack at the thrift store for a buck.  1 friggin dollar. its so cute!

now it lives in my dining room!

this tree we found over the weekend was a total score!

I wanted to get a little pink tree for the girls room this year. so when we spotted this one with a 2 dollar price tag, I was sold.

LA spotted it first. so i have to give her all the credit here.  Girls got a good eye. plus she freaks at anything pink and sparkly.

So yeah, we have 1 tree up in the house already.