Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween 2013

 We are big on Halloween costumes in our house.  evident from years past...


LA was over us choosing her costumes this year.  which was ok with me because we have a newbie to dress up that is too young to object!

LA couldn't make up her mind, so she decided to be a Princess, Kitty, Mermaid, Rainbow, Cheerleader, Fairy.

 and she nailed it.

We decided to roll with a Top Gun theme for Tess and her BFF Parker.
I present Goose and Maverick.

 These two were such troopers.

Cutest Goose ever!

Mr. H went to town on this wagon...

He had way too much fun with this project...

Pretty sure he'll never let me take it apart. This wagon is going to be a permanent jet now.  i guess im ok with that.