Monday, October 28, 2013

out with the Chevorn...

I love chevron, don't get me wrong, but its everywhere theses days. Rugs, curtains, bedspreads, clothing, etc.  I'm guilty of having it in almost every room. which is why Im starting to get over it. quick.
I shared last year how i got rid of the chevron curtains in the dining just got to be too much.

I've been wanting to replace the ones in the living room for quite some time now.

The only problem i ran into was that i had no idea what to replace them with.  i get very overwhelmed when looking for fabric. too many patterns and too much to choose from.  Plus i didnt really want to make curtains again.  its not that hard, its just that i am lazy, and the kids are kicking my butt lately.
soooo i was delighted when i came across these on a clearance rack at Khols a  few months ago.  i bought them thinking id try them, not like them, and probably return them.  so after 4 months of sitting in the packaging I opened and hung those suckers up.  and i like them. alot.

Its a lot of pattern going on with the chairs.  they have to go. Im just not sure what to replace them with yet.   If Mr H had it his way, he'd have a big ol' barcalounger, but i have to draw the line somewhere.  and a barcalounger is where that line is. Im thinking maybe a big club chair or something like that.  For now, it is what it is though.

Friday, October 11, 2013

5 months

T-Bone turned 5 months old this week.

Time is flying and she is growin like a weed.  At her dr appt last week they said she was in the 93rd percentile for height and 33 for weight.  tall and skinny.  my little runway model.

She is goofier than ever.  the kid is always giggling and smiling. 

She started on solids this month. she could take em or leave em.

she is still obsessed with sister. watches her like a hawk.

and sister doesnt mind a bit.

oh and this one thinks she can crawl too. she started getting up on all fours last month, and she is now taking a couple scoots, then face plants.

she has been teething pretty bad this month.  miserable for everyone involved.  and messy too. drool everywhere.

Happy 5 months beautiful.