Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Im in love

Here are my favorites for this Friday!  2 weeks in a row must be some sort of record!  

How cute are these party lanterns turned into hot air balloons?  I have a ton of lanterns left over that i might have to turn into these guys and hang above Tess's crib. 

I think LA needs this.  or at least I do. I had a couple of these charm necklaces growing up and i was obsessed...

you can scoop this one up here
Here you have a modern day friendship necklace...i know quite a few people who would or could or should rock this...

you can get it here

I have a charm necklace that Justin gave me after I had LA with her name and birthdate.  I was going to get another charm for Tess, but decided to switch it up a bit, so i went with this bracelet instead...

It should be here any day and I cant wait. 
These paper dolls are adorable, not to mention custom made.  What kid wouldnt love a doll of themselves.

sold here
Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend!