Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2 months

i cant believe shes 2 months old already.  shes gonna be walking and talking soon.  and then turn into a sassy toddler like her sister.

shes started smiling a lot more this month.  and i think i even heard her giggle a little bit.

despite the smiling, shes still a pretty fussy baby. And to top it off she apparently has pretty bad reflux, Shes on prescription zantac and we have switched her to soy formula which seems to be helping a little. It does'nt help my freezer full of breast milk though.   i guess i can donate it.  seems like such a waste!

My sister in law, Jody, snapped some pics of her this month that are just gorgeous.  Here is one of them...

Happy 2 months pretty girly!