Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Im in love

Here are my favorites for this Friday!  2 weeks in a row must be some sort of record!  

How cute are these party lanterns turned into hot air balloons?  I have a ton of lanterns left over that i might have to turn into these guys and hang above Tess's crib. 

I think LA needs this.  or at least I do. I had a couple of these charm necklaces growing up and i was obsessed...

you can scoop this one up here
Here you have a modern day friendship necklace...i know quite a few people who would or could or should rock this...

you can get it here

I have a charm necklace that Justin gave me after I had LA with her name and birthdate.  I was going to get another charm for Tess, but decided to switch it up a bit, so i went with this bracelet instead...

It should be here any day and I cant wait. 
These paper dolls are adorable, not to mention custom made.  What kid wouldnt love a doll of themselves.

sold here
Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend!

My newest obsession

 I want a tiny vintage camper so bad...


pinned here
 They are so friggin cute.

Mr H claims i would never use it, but i think if we had one, we would use it all the time. Especially when the girls got a little older. most have a large bed and a table that folds into a bed. Perfect for us!


I have been scouring them on craiglist for the past year and you can get an old dingy one for pretty cheap.  it would take some time and money to fix it up, but it would be sooo worth it.  Here are a couple i have found on craigslist that are just dying to be restored...

couldnt you see this painted yellow or teal????

this one is already cute. 
Check out this camper makeover featured recently on Danielle Oakey Interiors. How adorable is this transformation.



Here is a screen shot of the interior transformation.  

Im officially putting this on my christmas/birthday/anniversary/mothers day list.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Im in love...

Im back with the first Friday Favs on what seems like forever...

does anyone want to go in some iphone covers with me??

at Urban Outfitters

loving this summer manicure.

pinned here
This pictures display is adorable, not just for a party or wedding but in the house too...

Genius idea for dirty ugly crockpots.  I know mine is stained about 30 colors.
so this is actually a print that you can order, but im thinking of giving this a shot for a table top or something like that.  its just wall paper on hardwood and scraped and sanded to look worn.  cant be that hard right????
Happy Friday, Try to stay cool!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

LAs First year of school

Im a little late with this, but i was busy dealing with 2 crazy kids.  anywho - i snapped a pic of LA everyday before school this past year.  We started doing it to send her dad a pic every day since he was usually gone before she woke up.  Then i ended up with a folder full of them, so i put them in a cute little video and added her fav song of the moment...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2 months

i cant believe shes 2 months old already.  shes gonna be walking and talking soon.  and then turn into a sassy toddler like her sister.

shes started smiling a lot more this month.  and i think i even heard her giggle a little bit.

despite the smiling, shes still a pretty fussy baby. And to top it off she apparently has pretty bad reflux, Shes on prescription zantac and we have switched her to soy formula which seems to be helping a little. It does'nt help my freezer full of breast milk though.   i guess i can donate it.  seems like such a waste!

My sister in law, Jody, snapped some pics of her this month that are just gorgeous.  Here is one of them...

Happy 2 months pretty girly!

Monday, July 1, 2013

1 month!

I figured i should get her 1 month pics uploaded before she turns 2 months next week.

She is sleeping in her own crib and waking up on average just once a night.

As adorable as she is, she is unfortunatly a pretty fussy baby, which is stressful.  But being worn in the moby or the bjorn can usually can calm her down.

 i dont mind the view though...

hello there!