Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

 santa was good to us this  year....

the girlies had an amazing Christmas.

Tessa Lou had a great first Christmas.  she could take or leave all her toys, but she was in heaven with all that wrapping paper...

This one got every little mermaid toy under the sun, and a bajillion barbies...she was ecstatic.

oh and this sweet ass bike.

and yes thats a baby holder on the back...currently taken up by little mermaid barbie ballerina. 

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

decked halls

 I decorated for Christmas weeks ago and intended to do this post weeks ago, but it has seriously taken me that long to clean my house to be able to take any decent pics to put on the blog.  And its already dirty again.  ugh.

the tree is beautiful.  i love my christmas tree.  i wish i could keep it up year round.

maybe i will

our mantle is getting full...only room for 1 more kid...or dog in the future.

The mixed Department 56 Villages fit nicely on the new builtin

it all looks pretty cool lit up at night. very cozy with the fire while watching TV...

more winter decorations...

You've seen the kids tree in the playroom...

she replaced the star with a megaphone on top of her tree.
all decorations in here were picked out by LA.
The Dining room got some christmas love...

My DIY Christmas card holder. BTW I did not send out Christmas cards again this year, so if you are thinking i skipped you this year, i didnt.  Im just lazy. Maybe Ill do a New Years card again.

The kitchen..

These are my fav...

and i love these bottle brush trees.  i have them everywhere...

its not Christmas without Cookies...

The gilrs room has its own pink tree...

I also set up lights on LAs bed.  Its awesome and she loves it.  Those will stay up year round though...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide

I love Mr H, a lot.  But he sucks at gift giving.  He knows it and acknowledges it too.  Im not hating, its actually become kind of a running joke in our home. He gave me a foreman grill for our first christmas together.
Dont get me wrong, he has gotten some great gifts over the years, but most Christmases i buy myself some junk and throw it under the tree and say its from him.  Hes cool with it.
But this year he wanted a list.  So seeing as though my blog posts are emailed directly to his in box, I thought Id create a holiday gift guide just for him :)  And you too mom if your looking :)

4 of these french wine glasses please

This blanket from IKEA.

This metal wall bin...I already have the perfect spot in mind for it. 

Ive been pretty good all year, i think i deserve this...(BTW - this is way over the budget of what we normally spend on each other, but i thought id throw it out there)

im a sucker for anything in matt black
and a couple little stocking stuffers...

this wristlet that would hold my phone.  Its hard finding the phone/wallets to hold a Galaxy...(with an S of course)

this cute little key chain

I think that is a good starting point for you babe.  get busy :)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

7 months

 Peanut is 7 months old...I cant believe it.

She is growing like crazy...

She is finally sleeping about 11-12 hours through the night.  so that is freaking awesome. for me.

She is crawling all.over.the.place. and that sucker moves fast...

her favorite place to play lately is inside the christmas tree...

She is also pulling herself up on furniture and toys now. she will be furniture surfing in no time.  

we had to lower her crib last week.

She got her ears pierced...took it like a champ.  

Happy 7 months, beautiful girl.

Monday, December 9, 2013

playroom mini makeover

I did a blog post on our playroom a couple years back.  We have made some changes to it since, mainly adding some furniture and a TV. I also was able to move a lot of toys up to the girls room.

I still kept my Smiths pics...they are perfect in this room.  there are actually a few more i might get and make a bigger photo wall..

Ill probably rearrange it again once the kids tree is down...

I moved the yellow cabinet out of the living room temporarily...

 to accommodate the Christmas tree.

christmas post coming soon!
and decided that I really like it in the playroom...

So Ill figure out what to do with it after Christmas...

Also you will notice my new little coat rack over to the side of the TV.  Mr H put that up for me this weekend...

i was sick of the girls coats and bags laying all over the place.  this space was underutilized, so we threw up some 1x3 pieces of wood and 6 hooks.

i purposely put the hooks lower so the girlie's can hang their own things...

I of course kept my orange desk!

Even though i never use it!!

This room is a great space, and LA spends most of her time in here which is nice.  Sadly though, its almost always a disaster area.  as is anything that girl touches.