Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Updates

Apparently Im taking the summer off blogging?  We have been doing lots of traveling as of late. i pretty much lived out of a suitcase for the whole month of July.

We headed to the Corolla for a week.  Same house as last year. This pic sums up my week...

This chick had a BLAST!

She had so much fun playing with all her "cubins" (cousins)
Speaking of the cousins, My ridiculously talented sister in law took this pic of all the cousins a few weeks ago...

check out her website....
Last week we flew to FL for a bridal shower for my older brothers fiance...arent they the cutest couple?  I cant wait for the wedding in December.

Homegirl loved flying on the airplane. I havent taken her on a plane since she was 6 months old.  because she is a maniac.  but she did great.

I did great too.

But vacations are over for now. and its time to get back to business.  The house needs some major TLC. We have quite a few projects coming up around here.. My garage is full of old furniture waiting to be made over.  I am working on some light fixtures for the dining room and hallway.  We also are about to get started putting hardwood floors in the master.

Have a good weekend!