Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Im in love...

Friday Favs are back!  with a new improved  title. I mean who doesnt love The Cure!?

First up...
pocket baby gate - genius...

For my next girls night


This sweatshirt is on my Christmas list...


I love the molding on this screened in porch.  Mr H said its doable on our side porch. woot woot!

Genius dinner plates for parties.

Lastly, i need to own this plate...


Happy Friday!!!

End of summer....

Summer is nearing an end.  Mr H started back at school this week, and LA starts preschool next week.  I cant believe my little girl is old enough to be going to preschool.  I can tell she is nervous, but we have been talking about it for weeks now and I think she is getting a little bit excited.  I will be a  mess on Tuesday morning, rest assured.

at preschool orientation

Sadly, today was LAs last day with her sitter Ms Pat.  She has been LAs personal caregiver for the past 2 years. We will miss her dearly, but she lives close by and we plan on keeping in touch.

I cant believe this summer is already over. I had so many things planned to do this summer, but slacked on it all.  which is fine by me.  i have all fall/winter/spring to work on house projects.

Happy last weekend of summer!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Updates

Apparently Im taking the summer off blogging?  We have been doing lots of traveling as of late. i pretty much lived out of a suitcase for the whole month of July.

We headed to the Corolla for a week.  Same house as last year. This pic sums up my week...

This chick had a BLAST!

She had so much fun playing with all her "cubins" (cousins)
Speaking of the cousins, My ridiculously talented sister in law took this pic of all the cousins a few weeks ago...

check out her website....
Last week we flew to FL for a bridal shower for my older brothers fiance...arent they the cutest couple?  I cant wait for the wedding in December.

Homegirl loved flying on the airplane. I havent taken her on a plane since she was 6 months old.  because she is a maniac.  but she did great.

I did great too.

But vacations are over for now. and its time to get back to business.  The house needs some major TLC. We have quite a few projects coming up around here.. My garage is full of old furniture waiting to be made over.  I am working on some light fixtures for the dining room and hallway.  We also are about to get started putting hardwood floors in the master.

Have a good weekend!