Wednesday, June 13, 2012


My girly is getting so big!

She is all toddler these days.  she has an on and off switch and no in between.

She talks non-stop.  Home girl has the gift of gab.  and the wisecracks that come from this one are hilarious. 

I was face-timing with her the other day while she was eating dinner, and she decided to use a pair of her undies as a coozie for her drink....I mean, why not?

yes they were clean.  and yes she eats topless sometimes.  and no im not sure why i look pissed off in this photo. 

We've made it to the beach a few times this year and i am happy to report that she loves it.  I mean loooves it.  She asks me almost daily, "I go to da beach?"  

Such a character....