Thursday, June 7, 2012

i see green!

Yardwork sucks.  point blank.  i hate it. we have been doing major yardwork the past couple months.  the latest project is growing grass.  1 month ago our backyard looked like this...

no grass, all weeds
Now, I know that summer is not the most ideal time to grow grass, but there was no time in the spring and Im not waiting until fall.

so we went to town...gutted it...the whole darn thing...we tilled, fertilized, and planted seed.

manual labor crap.

border timbers are temporary. just holding a border
We really had no idea what we were doing.  So we were super excited after just a few days to see this...

baby grass!
And a few days later...

more baby grass
That pic was taken only 10 days after we laid seed.

We gave ourselves a pat on the back.  and by that i mean, decided to tear up some more crap...

More outdoor projects to come!!!