Friday, June 22, 2012

Grocery lists

I love my chalkboard door in my kitchen...
If not for the simple fact of jotting down grocery lists...

We add things we need throughout the week.
Then before i head to the store i snap a pic of the list on my phone.  or if i forgot, Mr H can text me the pic.  i have no idea how i lived day to day before having an iphone.

This works out perfect because I am notorious for making grocery lists and leaving them all over the house, car, work, etc. basically never having it with me at the store when i need it.

I have tried the grocery getter apps and lists on my phone and all that other junk that the iphone is capable of, but when it comes down to it, i hate typing on my iphone.  i blame my manhands.

Seinfeld clip- not actually my hands
She likes to add her own items to the list too..

pretty sure shes gonna be a lefty!