Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Ramblings

Things have been quiet around here lately. the reason...i got hooked on reading the 50 shades of grey trilogy this past week and really havent done anything else. this sums up my feelings on the books.

I do have a few projects coming up around the house.  one involves this bad boy.

Mr H sanded it for me last week while i was holed up in my room with my kindle.  hes sweet like that.

Another project involves my Monica closet.

clutter city

the mr.  built some shelves in here for me from an old boxpsring he tore apart and scrap wood he had laying around the garage. he is resourceful like that. now i have to paint and decorate.  yes im decorating a closet.  i have issues, clearly.

i also am getting started on the front door.  FINALLY.

and i have to give a paint job to the side porch to match the front porch.  oh and Mr H wants to screen it in!!  he is handy like that.

and the rest of the projects unfortunately involve yard work and grass seed and weed killer and landscaping junk.  things i hate. lame

Happy Friday! have a relaxing weekend....