Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I see a red door...part 2

 Its been almost a year since i declared i was going to paint the front door.

at that point i had it narrowed down to 2 colors.

and turquoise...

when i painted the front porch last year, i thought i had finally decided on the yellow.  But more indecisive than ever.  Especially when i see doors like this....

that orange is awesome. Did you know that Frank Sinatras favorite color was orange?  he said it was the happiest color.  (a piece of useless Frank Sinatra info my husband told me once)

and this...

i love the bright green...

I have noticed that the red door bothers me most from the inside when i have the door open and realize that red matches nothing in my home.  When the door is open, its opens into this room...

back of door in questions painted teal. 

so maybe i should decide on a color that meshes well with indoor and outdoor...

are you thinking yellow?  cause i still kinda am...

oh and while i am on the topic of the outdoors...check out this house...

via here via pinterest
its basically my house with a wraparound porch.  how flippin sweet would a wraparound porch be??
Mr H informed me this is a project beyond his comfort level to tackle.  but a wrap around porch would be sooo great. maybe i can talk him into it...

but anyway - back to the front door....  Im really thinking yellow.  i might start sanding it this weekend just to force my a$$ to make a decision are people supposed to make these kinds of decisions anwyay?!

hump day pretties

Monday, April 23, 2012


Cassie featured our desk makeover  on Primitive and Proper over the weekend.

head on over and check out her awesome blog. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

We're the 3 best friends that anyone could have...

2 of my Bffs are coming in town this weekend...

which means that 2 of LAs Bffs are coming into town this weekend...

We've been BFFs for over 14 years.  Makes me feel so old. I would show some pics of us back in college when we all met, but they probably wouldn't be appropriate.
But its so awesome that we all have little girls so close in age.  LA is a year older and will more than likely be reminding them of this all weekend.

We have a fun-filled weekend planned of shopping, gossiping, and drinking wine.


Outlets are ugly...but obviously a necessity.  unless your Amish.  Im not amish.

But then I have been noticing a lot of easy updated covers on pinterest using fabric or scrapbook paper.
So I decided to give it a shot.

my supplies- modge podge, elmers spray adhesive, and a cute toddler.

youll also need fabric scissors, and an exacto knife.  oh yeah and outlet or switch covers.

the rest is common sense.  spray the fabric onto the cover- cut around it, and fold it over.

use the exacto knif to cut slits in the middle and pull them through.

Then mod podge the heck out of it.  its goes on cloudy, but dries clear.

make sure to really get the back good with mod podge so everything stays put.

they are ugly from behind, but who isnt?

 And there you go.  un-ugly outlet covers.

got a little carried away painting here.

Monday, April 16, 2012

desk, playroom, and lots of orange stuff

My desk is finally finished, painted, poly'd, and lookin pretty.

Its bright.

I'd call the color bright a$$ orange...

I could stare at it all day. i love it.

Here is the rest of the playroom

I eventually would like to get a loveseat or chaise in here, but we can sit on the floor for now....we're not picky.

and one more pic just because....

Thursday, April 12, 2012

thrift store find

i mean seriously...this fan is super cute. my mom found it at the thrift store.

i have been needing a fan in the kitchen forever.

He fits right in...

playroom updates

The playroom mini makeover is plugging right along.  I finally got around to painting this mirror that has been bugging me forever.  it doesnt match anything. i hate the color.  its kinda green/kinda grey.

i was going to go with a funky color, but the playroom already has a lot of bright colors in it, so i stuck with white.

sneak peak of the desk in the reflection.

I also gave a quick facelift to this battered table.

little bit of chalkboard paint....

Hope to have this room finished by the weekend!