Wednesday, March 21, 2012

no sew curtains...and guest room tour

This is a long and random post.  i rolled like 3 posts into 1. Im lazy.

I have had some peeps comment and email me regarding the curtains in the living room and dining room over the past few months.

They want to know where to buy them and when i say i made them, they want to know how.  i have been meaning to post this for months, but like i said i have been lazy. sorry.

I bought the fabric on sale at Hancok fabric and had a coupon and a giftcard, so they were basically free.  score for me.

It was super easy to make them, way easier than you would probably think.   I didnt want to sew them simply because of the length of the panels, im too lazy for that.  so i used stitch witchery.
i can NOT get this pic to rotate no matter how hard i try. 
I didnt take any photos of the construction of these curtains above (blog fail) but ill demonstrate on the guest room panels I recently did.
i actually had 2 panels i bought  on sale at world market years ago.  only problem is i needed 2 panels for each window (4 panels total for you non math majors)

so i split them. bam.
This gave me 4 separate panels.  These were a little easier than using plain fabric and making a hem on all 4 sides but you get the gist.

so next you just flip those bad boys over and iron about a 1 inch seem...

put a strip of stitch witchery under the folded fabric and iron.  easy peasy.

and while we are in the guest room (and its clean) i might as well show you around.
the bed was an antique and belonged to my grandparents when they first got married.  its belonged to my parents, both of my brothers and to me at some point in life. apparently it was in my possession in 1989-1990 because there was still chalk graffiti and stickers on the back showing my love of NKOTB.

this bed had 50 years of built up paint and stain on it.  it took me weeks to get it sanded and scraped and primed and painted.

but it turned out good in the end!

 the rest of the room hosts old furniture from LAs nursery.  yes this is a changing table being used as a dresser...

and the old hutch from the dining room. (still with some old christmas decor - woops)

and there you have it...a no sew curtain tutorial and a guest bedroom tour.