Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cake Stands

fact: Im obsessed with cake stands.  is that weird?
If i see one on sale.  Its mine.  I scour thrift stores looking for them all the time.

I dont just use them for cake either.

This white cake stand for instance.
I got it last year for a christmas present (from myself).   After christmas it went on sale, and i went back and scooped up 4 more of them.

You can find cake plates all over our house.
I have a few in the kitchen...

I scored this one at a thrift store last weekend.  2 bucks.  i love it.

Can you spot the ones in the dining room?

Hint- there are 3

I have one in our bedroom...

I even have on set up in our guest room...

I really could use about 10 more of these bad boys...

Im working on some DIY cake stands I have seen on pinterest.  Hope to show those off soon!!