Thursday, February 23, 2012

24 months

a little past due i know, but life has been busy lately.

 The day has arrived.  my little turned 2 years old.  24 months.  whatever. deep breaths.  this is the end of the monthly photo shoots for her...and me :(  more deep breaths.

She is very into singing lately.  As in, she is always singing.  Here is a clip of her singing a lulliby to me at naptime the other day.

She got to spend about a week with her great grandparents last month.  She loves her some GG and PopBeez.

She is talking all the time and actually saying things.  full on sentences. its pretty cool. the most commonly heard sentence is "mow nacks peez mamma?"  translation - can i have some more snacks please mamma.  its also not strange to hear her yelling at the dogs - "NO George! MINE!"  she has sharing issues.  We do get a lot of I love you mamma and I love you diddy though.  its awesome.

its  hard to get pics of her these days.  its usually her speeding by or just the back of head.  girlfriend is super busy. like all  the time.

its been a very quick 2 years, but the best 2 years of my life.  I love this little maniac to peices.