Tuesday, February 28, 2012

LAs bedroom

Its finished. Or as finished as its gonna be for now.

  I took these pics at night, so it seems a little dark in here, but this room gets a lot of light during the day.

behind this door is her closet...(with an AC unit behind it)

Child has an OBSCENE amount of clothing.  Lots are hand me downs from her 3 stylish older cousins...

They mean business.

behind that door is a lil hidden bathroom...

some details...

yes those hooks are dog butts
what 2 year old wouldnt want a basket of Elmo's?

these flowers are my fav.
Its a big change from her nursery....

And an even bigger change from when we first moved in...


Can you tell she loves it?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Ramblings...

when you have a child, you acquire a lot of junk. case in point.

Before  kid...

after kid...

at least 7 random toys (and 1 cute kid)

I gave up wine for Lent....38 days left.  i can do it.  I tucked this guy back in the cabinet for a much needed rest...

Before and After

Im got a new camera!!   Just waiting on it to arrive. i havent been this excited for something in a long time.  Thanks to my brilliant photographer sister in law Jody for all the help!

Its February.  We had snow 5 days ago. here is todays weather report

Im off to play outside.  Happy weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cake Stands

fact: Im obsessed with cake stands.  is that weird?
If i see one on sale.  Its mine.  I scour thrift stores looking for them all the time.

I dont just use them for cake either.

This white cake stand for instance.
I got it last year for a christmas present (from myself).   After christmas it went on sale, and i went back and scooped up 4 more of them.

You can find cake plates all over our house.
I have a few in the kitchen...

I scored this one at a thrift store last weekend.  2 bucks.  i love it.

Can you spot the ones in the dining room?

Hint- there are 3

I have one in our bedroom...

I even have on set up in our guest room...

I really could use about 10 more of these bad boys...

Im working on some DIY cake stands I have seen on pinterest.  Hope to show those off soon!!

24 months

a little past due i know, but life has been busy lately.

 The day has arrived.  my little turned 2 years old.  24 months.  whatever. deep breaths.  this is the end of the monthly photo shoots for her...and me :(  more deep breaths.

She is very into singing lately.  As in, she is always singing.  Here is a clip of her singing a lulliby to me at naptime the other day.

She got to spend about a week with her great grandparents last month.  She loves her some GG and PopBeez.

She is talking all the time and actually saying things.  full on sentences. its pretty cool. the most commonly heard sentence is "mow nacks peez mamma?"  translation - can i have some more snacks please mamma.  its also not strange to hear her yelling at the dogs - "NO George! MINE!"  she has sharing issues.  We do get a lot of I love you mamma and I love you diddy though.  its awesome.

its  hard to get pics of her these days.  its usually her speeding by or just the back of head.  girlfriend is super busy. like all  the time.

its been a very quick 2 years, but the best 2 years of my life.  I love this little maniac to peices.

Friday, February 17, 2012

shelf makeover

Im still not finished with this childs bedroom makeover.  im getting very close tho...
The red ladder shelf almost didnt make the cut into LAs new room.

i wasnt exactly sure what to do with it.  paint it?  get rid of it? move it somewhere else?
I opted to paint it a fresh coat of white.  it contrasts nicely with the dark teal walls...and it matches her bed. 

still playing around with the shelf decor, but overall a nice improvement.