Thursday, January 12, 2012

deep thoughts...

we have been enjoying some down time lately. I have been busy getting everything ready for LAs 2nd birthday party next weekend. and I have also been trying to get her room finished. its almost there...Pics to come shortly.
Homegirl let me curl her hair this morning.  it was a pretty big deal...for me anyway

looked like a rats nest 10 minutes later
Also we are getting prepared for our next project which will be the floors in our bedroom. ripping up the carpet and laying hardwood. the hardest part of this will be moving everything out of our bedroom, and living in the guest room for a couple weeks.  The hardest part of that will be me having to clean my bedroom and the guest room to help things move smoothly. im dreading it already. but wood needs to be laid in here (TWSS)

This room needs some work.  besides new floors
-the fan is hideous, but needed.  i think i can spruce it up somehow.
New nightstands- loving these
That bench needs to be covered with something funky
new bedding
new pillows

Its 60 and sunny here today.  in January, thats insane.  im loving it.

Happy Thursday.