Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"Its literally a tree skirt"

LA has her own little tree in her room...why wouldnt she?

Its been up for months actually.  Its the perfect amount of nightlight in there.  But it needed a tree skirt or something.  Its too barebones looking .
I messed around with some different fabrics, bunching them up, but nothing seemed right.
Then i turned my head to the other side of the room...and saw her adorable skirt hanging there.

Its an antique Kimono skirt i received as a shower gift from my sister in law- its Georgeous!
I decided to see what this would fit as a tree skirt, and it was perfect....

She still wears this skirt, so it will just be a temporary home for the holidays....

all lit up...
I showed it to Mr H (because he totally doesnt cares) and he said - Its literally a tree skirt.  Hes such a twerp.