Wednesday, December 28, 2011

23 months

1 month to go till 2.

Well its official.  She is a toddler.  as if there was ever any doubt.  She is a strong willed little person.  She has her own opinion on everything and anything and has no problem letting you know about it.

This is how grocery shopping is done now
She is sillier than ever...

She is very much into her babies lately. She loves them and feeds them and puts them to bed.  She still beats them and throws them across the room from time to time, but in general is much nicer to them than she has been.
All of them are named Lilah btw
She was really into Christmas this year.  She was very aware of presents and was fully excited for each one.  Even the ones that weren't hers. but mainly hers.

her fav gift...a thomas track
There is only 1 month left until this girly is 2 and i just can not believe it.

photo taken by my incredibly talented sister in law Jody.
xoxo baby girl.