Thursday, December 1, 2011

22 months!

22 months already. she is such a little person these days...a spastic little person.

She is a total copycat lately.  She repeats everything.  Typical day convo's goes something like this.

Me: Lilah go get your shoes
LA: get shooooes
Me: Lets got get in the car
LA:  get caaaaaar
Me:  what do you want to eat
LA:  wanta eeeeaaat
Me:  wanna go to the store
LA:  go stoooore

you get the jist.  She is even copying actions we do.  The other day I was snapping some picks of her on this little stool.

I walked out of the room briefly and walked back into this.  She had found her toy camera and her baby  and she was now taking the pictures.  saying cheeeeeeeese over and over again.

stupid cute
She is super into carrying her purse/bag lately.  she calls it cat.  there's a cat on the front of it.  shes a genius what can i say?  she fills it up with whatever essentials she will need for the day. today it was  2 blankets, a doll head, a christmas ornament, some stray raisons and my phone.

Potty training - we havent technically started yet, but she has gone on the toilet a few times.  She is starting to get the concept.  a few more weeks/months (?) and I hope it will happen.  her new fav saying is "I poop" wether she did or not.  i think she knows she'll get a reaction out of us when she says it.

Happy 22 months cool chick!!