Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Evolution of a Room - Kitchen edition

All "before and afters" are not necessarily just that in our home. Usually for us its a before - middle - pending - run out of $team- this will work for a while - get off our asses and finish - After. Then i get bored and we start all over.

The kitchen for instance has been  3 years in the making.  I've showed pics of it as we bought it in 2008.

Here it was with a little TLC right after move-in,

There was a brief point the whole thing was painted red.  Luckily i have no photos of that stage.

Our first DIY projects started a few months in. We put up crown, beadbard and painted.

We bought some new appliances- some knew knobbies - (yes, the old hood spray painted stainless to steel to temporarily match until Mr H installed the range microwave)

Then new floors

Then we painted and re-sanded all the cabinets and decided to remove doors.

here is the progression from another view...

last view i promise...

And thats where we are today.  By no means are we finished.  The wishlist continues.

i still want - 
Updated backsplash
a new apron sink
Gas range (total wish)
New lighting-
possibly paint the inside of the cabinets
Possibly painting the bottom cabinets.
the list goes on...and on