Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pinterest Re-do

So Im back with this months edition of You pinned it on pinterest so do it already. I changed the title to something shorter.  Deal.
I actually have a couple pinterest re-do's for this month.  But since its time to start decking the halls, Ill  start with a Christmas-y one.

I have loved this advent calendar from Pottery Barn for quite some time.

I have seen a few DIY versions of it so I thought i would give it a whirl. Here is the DIY pinned version from Bower Power blog.

pinned here
So with a cork board, some drop cloth, and some index cards, I got to work.  Here she is...

By next year I would like to find some smaller ornaments.  But these were available and free - so they work for now.

Here she is hanging out.

more christmas pics to come...once I get my house back in some sort of order....


Cassity from Remodeloholic featured our dining room makeover on her blog today.

Go on over and check it out.  

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

tree trimming

We put our tree up and most of the christmas decor this weekend....more pics on that to come.

here is my little helper helping me trim the tree...  

Here she is assisting me last year...

she has changed so much in the past year...

still the cutest thing ever though...

Monday, November 21, 2011

porch makeover

Im getting closer to getting the front door painted!  its been almost 4 months since i posted about it.  I like to take my time.  I knew before i painted the door though, the porch had to be addressed.

The burnt clay color was killing me.  Plus it was faded in spots. all around ugh.

I originally was going to paint it a greyish/tannish color.  but then i saw that i had a whole gallon of charcoal outdoor paint in the garage leftover from the shutters, so i figured that would work. Cant beat free.

Here is the finished product...

a little side by side before and after.

Oh and BTW, i have decided on pale yellow for the front door.  Im thinking something along the lines of this, maybe a little softer...

Ill prolly wait until after the holidays though.  Red is very Christmassy.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Favorites

Happy Weekend.  Its cold.  Christmas is coming out at our house this weekend.  damn right.

Lots of goodies I came across this weekend.

Yes to EVERYTHING in this bathroom.  Love the metal soaker tub.  Love the gray subway tile.  Love the chandelier.  love it all.

pinned here

Mr H and I have been P90xing as of late.  this is how i feel about it.

pinned here

Baby Toms...shut up

pinned here

Sweet tat

pinned here

I would not hate it if this place were my vacation home...

pinned here

Wine jello shots.  yes please.

pinned here

Happy Weekend!

Monday, November 14, 2011

sneak peek...LAs room

Im making headway in LAs big girl room.  Here is a sneak peek.

I still have to put the bed together and get some pillows.  And Im undecided on the curtain issue.  (this is a remnant leftover from the living room curtains) I like the look if this, but as my husband said - isnt that overkill on the chevelle curtains? he was close.  we do have yellow chevron curtains in 2 other rooms.  but the pattern looks really good with the wall and the beadspread.  decisions decisions.

She doesnt seem to care either way...

Saturday, November 12, 2011


  We were featured again on the DIY showoff.  Go on over to Roeshell's site and check it out.

The DIY Show Off

Thanks Roeshel!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Favs

Here is some cool crap I saw this week.

Dream Bath. love the colors, the light, the tub, the texture, the floors, love everything.

pinned here

Great idea for a party...dip the bottom of wine glasses into chalkboard paint.  genius.

pinned here
stupid cute

pinned here

loving this herringbone table.  Mr H says he can probably replicate it with some sweet unfinished walnut he has leftover.  score.

pinned here
Here is a great illustration that shows that you can turn the lamest piece of furniture into something super cute, with just a little paint and some accents.

pinned here

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

10 minute makeover

Disclaimer - dont judge the dust accruing on my air vent in these photos. Its actually cleaner than it appears.  Promise. 

Its amazing what slapping a coat of paint on something can do to change a whole section of your home.  I have never really given much thought to this area at the top of our steps.

I decided since i have a new favorite paint color, i was going to give this area a quick facelift.  Seriously took less than 10 minutes.

and a dusting later

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Evolution of a Room - Kitchen edition

All "before and afters" are not necessarily just that in our home. Usually for us its a before - middle - pending - run out of $team- this will work for a while - get off our asses and finish - After. Then i get bored and we start all over.

The kitchen for instance has been  3 years in the making.  I've showed pics of it as we bought it in 2008.

Here it was with a little TLC right after move-in,

There was a brief point the whole thing was painted red.  Luckily i have no photos of that stage.

Our first DIY projects started a few months in. We put up crown, beadbard and painted.

We bought some new appliances- some knew knobbies - (yes, the old hood spray painted stainless to steel to temporarily match until Mr H installed the range microwave)

Then new floors

Then we painted and re-sanded all the cabinets and decided to remove doors.

here is the progression from another view...

last view i promise...

And thats where we are today.  By no means are we finished.  The wishlist continues.

i still want - 
Updated backsplash
a new apron sink
Gas range (total wish)
New lighting-
possibly paint the inside of the cabinets
Possibly painting the bottom cabinets.
the list goes on...and on