Friday, October 7, 2011


I have a broken camera AND a broken computer.  Both equally frustrating and combined make me want to punch something or someone in the face. so blogging might be more sporadic than usual and contain lots of crappy iPhone pics.

pic may be crappy but the girl is adorbs

Some good news though - I got a paint sprayer over the weekend.  Mr H got it for me.  He's sweet like that.  I'm super excited to use it.  Hopefully I can break it in this weekend. Ill test drive it on some random furniture before I tackle LAs bed.  Which now I'm thinking I might paint orange?? Orange would look awesome withe her duvet.

We went to the Children's Festival last week.  LA and I made it onto the news that night...we are in the opening scene and close up of LA at the end (FF to .49 mark)

I just decided that LAs 2 birthday party is going to have a Boston Terrier theme.  Yes it 4 months away, but I'm weird like that.  Here are some pinspirations....

pinned here
pinned  here
pinned here

Here is LA's first birthday....doesn't seem that long ago...

Its going to be gorgeous this weekend...check this mofo out...


Hoping to spend lots of time outdoors.

Happy Weekend!