Wednesday, October 26, 2011

21 Months

LA is 21 months old today.  Its starting to feel weird aging her by months.  when people ask  me how old she is now, i just say almost 2.  And then i cry because she is almost 2.

She has totally become her own person this month. With opinions and thoughts.  there are still a lot of things we cant understand that she says, but the communication improvement this month is phenomenal.  She is a sponge with words lately.  She repeats EVERYTHING, so we have really been trying to cut back on the normal foul language that rolls through or house.

Something big happened this month.  Homegirl is no longer sleeping in a crib. She is 100% in her bed.  Its just mattress and box spring at this point, but she has been sleeping in it great for over a couple weeks now.  Took to it like a champ.

Happy 21 months silly girl!