Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Favs

Its Friday.  Its cold.  Im listening to Christmas music.  All is good.

Heres my favs of the week....

I love this dress so much.  I think LA needs this dress.  With a little pair of maryjanes and some ruffle socks.  Ridiculous.

pinned here


pinned here

Cute. Cheap, Easily do-able.  Im gonna attempt this for LAs bathroom.  Maybe it will be my monthly You pinned it on Pinterest so do it already.

pinned here
If only this were real
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Im diggin this purple door.  Im not sure purple would flow in our house, but I am seriously thinking of painting some interior doors...

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

21 Months

LA is 21 months old today.  Its starting to feel weird aging her by months.  when people ask  me how old she is now, i just say almost 2.  And then i cry because she is almost 2.

She has totally become her own person this month. With opinions and thoughts.  there are still a lot of things we cant understand that she says, but the communication improvement this month is phenomenal.  She is a sponge with words lately.  She repeats EVERYTHING, so we have really been trying to cut back on the normal foul language that rolls through or house.

Something big happened this month.  Homegirl is no longer sleeping in a crib. She is 100% in her bed.  Its just mattress and box spring at this point, but she has been sleeping in it great for over a couple weeks now.  Took to it like a champ.

Happy 21 months silly girl!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Favorites

Friday favorites is back after a brief hiatus.  Ive got a couple weeks worth of junk to spit at you so here are my favs from the past couple weeks.

Love these earrings.  Love them.  Are you listening Mr H?  I love them.

pinned here

While we are on this jewelry kick.  I feel that I need one of these in my life.  freaking awesome.

pinned here

While on the doggie kick.  This poster is hilarious.  I so wish my doggies could talk to me.  yes im crazy.  yes i speak for them since they cant.

pinned here
I cant even handle this....

pinned here

this is an outdoor sink. no plumbing required. its awesome and i want one.

pinned here
Peace out.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

You pinned it on Pinterest so DO IT ALREADY.

I always see so many things on pinterest that I have the best intentions to recreate.  There are so many ideas, crafts, recipes, DIY projects, sewing projects, etc. I pin all these projects to my idea boards, and then I never go back and take a stab at any of them.

So - I'm starting a new monthly (weekly is a little too ambitious) post called You pinned it on Pinterest so DO IT ALREADY. where I recreate one thing I saw on pinterest that month. Im hoping it will inspire my inner craftiness.

So this month I took a stab at something pretty easy.  In fact, I wanted to do this before I saw it on pinterest.  Seeing it a thousand times "pinned"  finally gave me the shove I needed to do it.  That and I was running out of space to keep all my wine corks....

So here is the Pin...

Easy peasy.  Cork letters.  All i need are corks, my glue gun, and wine.  Wine is a must for any project, especially one involving wine corks.  Im creating ambiance.

And voila...

She's cute aint she?

Here are some other projects I have done around the house with corks...

cork wreath...

cork trivet....

cork magnets

I also have some super cute cork Christmas projects coming in the next month or so as well.

I need to get busy drinking!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

corner make-over

This area has been bugging me for quite some time.

I love the shelf.  It houses keys, wallets, any other crap that comes out of Mr Hs pockets. It was too high and kinda awkward though. plus the color was hideous. The whole area was lacking something. It needed some major sprucing up.  So I went into my spray paint box and found the perfect color and went to town on that bad boy.  A little spray paint and some table rearranging later- here we are.

Not too shabby huh?  I think it makes the room pop. All in all, a free makeover. 


I have been super MIA lately on the blog.  I have missed a couple Friday Favs. And I have some projects to blog about coming up.   I have really good excuses though.

LA was sick with strep throat then Croup last week.  It was awful.  She was miserable and pitiful. The cuddling was a bonus though. yeah Im selfish like that.

We were out of town at what could possibly have been the awesomest (totally a word) wedding.   Congrats again Adam and Jodi.  We had too so much fun.  Im still paying for all the fun I had.  We will all be detoxing for a while after your nuptials.

sorry for the crappy iphone pic

It was a fun weekend away, but I was happy to get home to this girl who crashed with my parents all weekend.
 grandma bought her those ugly shoes....

She is on the mend, though.  No sickness will keep her down.  Girly is almost back to normal. Which is good because she has a date with all of her BFFs this weekend.  

Friday, October 7, 2011


I have a broken camera AND a broken computer.  Both equally frustrating and combined make me want to punch something or someone in the face. so blogging might be more sporadic than usual and contain lots of crappy iPhone pics.

pic may be crappy but the girl is adorbs

Some good news though - I got a paint sprayer over the weekend.  Mr H got it for me.  He's sweet like that.  I'm super excited to use it.  Hopefully I can break it in this weekend. Ill test drive it on some random furniture before I tackle LAs bed.  Which now I'm thinking I might paint orange?? Orange would look awesome withe her duvet.

We went to the Children's Festival last week.  LA and I made it onto the news that night...we are in the opening scene and close up of LA at the end (FF to .49 mark)

I just decided that LAs 2 birthday party is going to have a Boston Terrier theme.  Yes it 4 months away, but I'm weird like that.  Here are some pinspirations....

pinned here
pinned  here
pinned here

Here is LA's first birthday....doesn't seem that long ago...

Its going to be gorgeous this weekend...check this mofo out...


Hoping to spend lots of time outdoors.

Happy Weekend!