Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  This week has been a rough one!  We finally have power so I hope to be moving back in sometime this weekend.  We have been bunking at my parents for the past week.
I missed Friday Favorites last week as I was in Nola boozin it up - so Ill try to double up this week.

So here they are...

this staircase, the molding, the railings,the lantern, all of it...i want it...

pinned here

this ceiling is is that ottoman....

pinned here

Im painting my dresser orange ASAP.  How cute is this?  

pinned here

summer is winding down, so I can wait until next summer for these bad boys...but i WILL own them.
I love me some funny baby onesies...that being said, i HATE when people have onesies on their baby that are supposed to be funny but arent.  thats just stupid...and annoying
pinned here and here
Obsessed with nail polish lately.  Experimenting with lots of different colors.  These are my favs this month...

I want a pantry so that I can have a pantry door like this.

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whats not to love about this whole bookshelf

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So there it is.  My weekly Friday favorites.

Happy long weekend!!