Saturday, September 3, 2011

19 months

Girly girl is 19 months.  5 more months and she will no longer be aged by months but by years.  sigh

Someone had her first trip to Busch Gardens this month.  She LOOOOVED it.  The scarier ride the better. She was squeelin like a pig on the teacups.

We got rid of the high chair this month- Im pumped, that thing was big and ugly.
She has her "big girl" chair that scoots up to the table and she thinks she is super cool sitting at it.

still deciding what color to paint maybe?
 This month she has also developed an attachment for her blanky or her stuffed animals. She almost ALWAYS has to have one with her. Thank goodness it doesnt matter which one. And if you remove it from her, the world comes crashing down...hence, the blanket in the bathtub.

She is getting pretty good at the alphabet too.  Here is a video of her A-G'ing.

She is so smart.

Happy 19 months smarty pants!