Friday, August 12, 2011

i see a red door...

...and i want to paint it black.  Not really black, more like yellow - or turquoise?  (Stones reference BTW)

I have been wanting to paint our front door for some time now.  i was set on painting it a light turquoise color, but have recently been obsessed with yellow.  i guess i shouldn't do anything until my mind is made up.  this week i am 70% yellow and 30% turquoise.

Let me start by saying the porch WILL be painted first.  I have decided on a grayish-tanish color. I cant recall the specific name of the color so grayish-tanish works for now.

When we moved in our front door was white. lame. and our shutters were a faded gray.

We decided to paint the shutters a dark charcoal color, as well as paint the front door Red.

I loved the time, but I am over it now. My 2 year old attention span needs it changed immediately.   So I must decide between yellow and turquoise.  I'm thinking I might not get sick of the yellow as quick as the turquoise??  But the turquoise would be so cute?  But so would yellow? ugh.

Here are a few of my pin-spirations.

pinned here

pinned here
pinned here

pinned here
Good stuff huh? I wonder if Mr. H would let me paint yellow for a few months, and then the turquoise for a few months.  probably not...