Tuesday, August 9, 2011

change up

This area has been bugging me since the dining room makeover.

The white on white just was too much.  I contemplated painting the hutch another color but decided that was too much work and Im way too lazy for all that.  Plus i wanted instant results.

Eventually I want to get a buffet in here, but right now that isnt happening according to Mr H.  So i have to recycle some crap from somewhere else in the house to go there.

Then I remembered these shelves that were taking up space in the guestroom....

After they got the boot from the office turned playroom

So i dragged them into the dining room, replacing the white hutch...

The dark contrast from all the white looks good in there.  And the wood is the same finish as the wine rack and the table top.  score.

Mr. H is going to build some X wine racks in a couple of the empty cubbies

because i need more space for my wine...