Tuesday, July 26, 2011

18 months- half birthday girly

  LA is 18 months old today.  1.5 years old.  Almost 2 years old.  I cant freakin believe it.

She has become a total beach bum this month.

My girly is smart.  There is no denying it.  My kid is a genius.  She is talking up a storm. Her vocab is really taking off.  When you ask her what her name is - she says LaLa. (close enough) And she says thank you all the time.  she's super polite like that.
She accidentally spelled a word with her letter magnets. (sadly it was a bad word).
She has figured out how to turn on the iPad and scroll through the apps to her games.
She eats her meals with a fork. 
She knows most of her body parts, and can make about 7 animal noises.  she especially likes the pig noise.

This has been a month of firsts for her as well.  She had her first kiss.  She slept in the bed with me for the first time, EVER.  She also allowed me to paint her toenails for the first time this month.  A task that has been attempted at least a dozen times in the past.

I love you, you crazy girl. Happy half birthday.