Thursday, June 2, 2011

update on our laziness....

 Things have been quiet around here lately. We have been enjoying some down time.  We were out of town for a bit, and then lounged around Memorial Day  weekend.  It was relaxing and much needed, but my ADD is kicking in so its time to get back to business this week.  

The Board and batten is in mid process. 

Of course when we took off our existing chair rail, half our plaster wall came off with it, so we are trying to work through that issue. 

 I originally wanted the boards to go up 2/3 of the wall.  Now we are doing a horizontal piece where the existing chair rail was, as well as another 16” higher.  Gotta do what you gotta do...

Also – I finally decided on curtains for the family room.  I bought 6 yards of upholstry fabric in the yellow and white chevron pattern.  I used some no-sew iron seems.  And walla!  

sneak peak
I realize that I need a bigger pole (that’s what she said) so I have not cut and seemed the bottoms yet, because I’m not sure how high I’m going to take them. BUT – I am happy with the way they turned out and the colors.

Maybe before the end of the summer, we can finish the family room. We still have to do crown, built-ins, new fireplace frame and tile....i think the end of the year is more realistic.

Hope to have some finished photos of the board and batten this weekend!