Tuesday, June 7, 2011

rainy day makeovers

Sunday while stuck indoors I managed to pump some life into some fugly pieces of furniture i had laying around the house.
first up was this table.  its from back in the day when "country" was the decor of choice.  super blah-

anywho- i slapped a new knob and some fresh paint on that bad boy and wham...

Isnt that little knobby the cutest?  I got it at World Market.  They had tons.  I love that store.

Also- I gave this little blue thrift store bench a sand job (sounds dirty) then a fresh coat of yellow paint...

It looks perfect in LAs playroom -

rare appearance by Sophie
I scored this cute antique looking high chair thing at the thrift store this weekend for 20 bucks. (my mom actually scored it for me)  I have big plans for this guy.  I first have to cut about an inch off each leg so it fits right up to the table.  Im super excited about it. 

total potential right?
After pics of this guy coming soon!