Monday, June 27, 2011

17 months

Homegirly is 17 months old today. Over the past month she has really morphed from a baby into a little person.  She understands so much and is talking so much.  Its amazing to watch her little mind at work

She is super into lounging lately...
or while watching some TV...
The girl can lounge.

She is all about her books...and is reading all the long as she can pick it out herself.

She's pretty much into doing everything herself lately...

She is such a trip.  There is so much personality rolled up into that little thing. 

Happy 17 months beautiful girl!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Tuesday night...

These are the types of things that happen when my husband leaves town...


After LA is in bed and i get a big ol' glass of wine, I feel the need to dramatically makeover something.



Maybe its boredom of having no one else to talk to, or maybe its becuase I know there is no one telling me how crazy i am for wanting to paint the fireplace at 9:30 at night.  Ragardless, I get sh*t done when homeboy leaves town.  I also got 2 out 6 of the dining room chairs painted...quite an eventful little Tuesday night...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

progress report- dining room

The board and batten in the dining room is finished.  FINISHED!!  Let me tell ya, that crap was not easy.  The internet makes everything look so simple.   Its not even so much the difficulty level as the pain in the assness of it all.  (that is a word).
There was a lot of painting, a lot of caulking, a lot of sanding, and a lot of shimming.  But in the end it looks better than expected.

Here is the before pic...

and the after...


and after...

We still have to put up crown, as well as the shoe-molding.  Also we are in process of painting and refinishing all the furniture. fun stuff!

and one last picture just  because...

note Mr H's hand-dandy skills around thee thermostat

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful Dad!!  He is one of the coolest mofo’s around...Love you dad!!!  

and I want to wish a happy 2nd fathers day to my awesome husband.  He is the best father, and LA is the luckiest girl in the world!

I also want to wish a happy fathers day to Lou, my father in law...xoxo

and a happy fathers day to all the other fathers in my life.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

rainy day makeovers

Sunday while stuck indoors I managed to pump some life into some fugly pieces of furniture i had laying around the house.
first up was this table.  its from back in the day when "country" was the decor of choice.  super blah-

anywho- i slapped a new knob and some fresh paint on that bad boy and wham...

Isnt that little knobby the cutest?  I got it at World Market.  They had tons.  I love that store.

Also- I gave this little blue thrift store bench a sand job (sounds dirty) then a fresh coat of yellow paint...

It looks perfect in LAs playroom -

rare appearance by Sophie
I scored this cute antique looking high chair thing at the thrift store this weekend for 20 bucks. (my mom actually scored it for me)  I have big plans for this guy.  I first have to cut about an inch off each leg so it fits right up to the table.  Im super excited about it. 

total potential right?
After pics of this guy coming soon!

Monday, June 6, 2011

weekend recap

Mr H worked all weekend, so needless to say the dining room did not get finished.  I did get it painted while LA was napping on Saturday though and love the color!  While she was napping on Sunday, I was able to get all the boards he has already put up primed so they will be ready for caulking and painting.
I see an end in sight!

Sunday it rained most of the day - so we had our own pants optional indoor obstacle course.  This one was ALL OVER IT.

It eventually cleared up and we were able to get outside and relax poolside for a little bit...

I heart the weekends!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

update on our laziness....

 Things have been quiet around here lately. We have been enjoying some down time.  We were out of town for a bit, and then lounged around Memorial Day  weekend.  It was relaxing and much needed, but my ADD is kicking in so its time to get back to business this week.  

The Board and batten is in mid process. 

Of course when we took off our existing chair rail, half our plaster wall came off with it, so we are trying to work through that issue. 

 I originally wanted the boards to go up 2/3 of the wall.  Now we are doing a horizontal piece where the existing chair rail was, as well as another 16” higher.  Gotta do what you gotta do...

Also – I finally decided on curtains for the family room.  I bought 6 yards of upholstry fabric in the yellow and white chevron pattern.  I used some no-sew iron seems.  And walla!  

sneak peak
I realize that I need a bigger pole (that’s what she said) so I have not cut and seemed the bottoms yet, because I’m not sure how high I’m going to take them. BUT – I am happy with the way they turned out and the colors.

Maybe before the end of the summer, we can finish the family room. We still have to do crown, built-ins, new fireplace frame and tile....i think the end of the year is more realistic.

Hope to have some finished photos of the board and batten this weekend!