Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gluttons for punishment.

Sunday we were lazilly laying around watching the news Beetlejuice on TV, when I decided I wanted to remodel the dining room.  right then and there.   Mr H was thrilllllled.  So up we went to Home Depot to get all the goods for the project. All 3 of us....

Our idea for the dining room is to first - put up some board and batten like this
or this
And then making over our dining room table into something along these lines...

And of course there will be painting...

Behr Pier
I have a feeling its going to be ALOT more work than either of us are expecting, as is any DIY project we seem to tackle, but the dining room NEEDS a facelift.

not this dramatic of a facelift
Hopefully Ill be back with some completed photos sooner rather than later!!