Thursday, May 26, 2011

16 months!!

Girly girl is 16 months old today.  Even though she isnt much of a girly girl these days.  She would rather be outside in the dirt or playing catch with the dogs than be caught dead playing with any doll or baby.
Her current obsession is pulling her little pink wagon up and down the street collecting loot.  she could do it for hours.  Shes like a little hobo...a cute little hobo.

Currently her wagon is home to some pieces of concrete, rocks, 2 plastic baby chicks, 1 little people train conductor,  a plastic fork, 2 wine corks, some pine cones, a dog chuck-it, and a whole lotta dirt.
I accidentally ran it over a couple weeks ago with the car (shh dont tell her).  Thanks goodness it was nothing a little duct tape couldnt fix.  

LA had her first major injury this month.  She fell off the curb and caught herself on her upper lip.  Im not sure who was more traumatized, her or me.  

This month she has also perfected the temper tantrum.  Im talking full on body bucking, throwing herself on the ground, hands and fists banging.  Its so cliché.  At least thats what I tell her...We think its kinda funny actually.  Which ticks her off even more.  She is lucky she is so cute!  :)
 She is still curious about everything.  Always asking "wasdis??" with her hand up.  like- why is daddy outside with that loud machine??

Happy 16 months pretty girl!