Thursday, May 26, 2011

16 months!!

Girly girl is 16 months old today.  Even though she isnt much of a girly girl these days.  She would rather be outside in the dirt or playing catch with the dogs than be caught dead playing with any doll or baby.
Her current obsession is pulling her little pink wagon up and down the street collecting loot.  she could do it for hours.  Shes like a little hobo...a cute little hobo.

Currently her wagon is home to some pieces of concrete, rocks, 2 plastic baby chicks, 1 little people train conductor,  a plastic fork, 2 wine corks, some pine cones, a dog chuck-it, and a whole lotta dirt.
I accidentally ran it over a couple weeks ago with the car (shh dont tell her).  Thanks goodness it was nothing a little duct tape couldnt fix.  

LA had her first major injury this month.  She fell off the curb and caught herself on her upper lip.  Im not sure who was more traumatized, her or me.  

This month she has also perfected the temper tantrum.  Im talking full on body bucking, throwing herself on the ground, hands and fists banging.  Its so cliché.  At least thats what I tell her...We think its kinda funny actually.  Which ticks her off even more.  She is lucky she is so cute!  :)
 She is still curious about everything.  Always asking "wasdis??" with her hand up.  like- why is daddy outside with that loud machine??

Happy 16 months pretty girl!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Guest Blog

Hi Guys,
Im guest blogging today over on Remodeloholic.  I was thrilled when Cassity asked me to do a feature on our recent kitchen makeover. Go on over and check it out and check out her awesome blog. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gluttons for punishment.

Sunday we were lazilly laying around watching the news Beetlejuice on TV, when I decided I wanted to remodel the dining room.  right then and there.   Mr H was thrilllllled.  So up we went to Home Depot to get all the goods for the project. All 3 of us....

Our idea for the dining room is to first - put up some board and batten like this
or this
And then making over our dining room table into something along these lines...

And of course there will be painting...

Behr Pier
I have a feeling its going to be ALOT more work than either of us are expecting, as is any DIY project we seem to tackle, but the dining room NEEDS a facelift.

not this dramatic of a facelift
Hopefully Ill be back with some completed photos sooner rather than later!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Master Transformation

Our master needed a lot of work when we moved in...
gross right?
After a little TLC (mainly a coat of paint and some curtains)...

Here is what it looks like now- much much better (never this clean, though).

Its not finished by any means.  I have been on the search for 2 nightstands for a while and Mr H wants to lay some hardwood down.

Also, I would love to paint the bed white at some point - isnt this bedroom awesome??

 But for now - its done and done.  I dont think we have it in us to work on this right now.  We have some big projects coming up. 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

LaLaLand was featured

Our kitchen redo was featured today on inside-out design. Brooke has an adorable house (and some adorable kiddos)  You can check out her blog here.
Thanks for the shout out Brooke!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

office to playroom

When you have a kid, you acquire a a ton of junk. a TON. More toys than you know what to do with. (which is stupid because all she wants to play is this)

When we bought our house- we turned this room

into our office

But seeing as though we need space to house a playground- it recently got a makeover into LAs playroom

I was sad to see the office go, but I got to makeover a whole new room, so who really cares?

Here are some more pics of the new playroom...

yes, that is LA dressed up as Billy Idol for halloween!

LaLaland was featured!

The DIY Show Off

Roeshel, from The DIY Showoff (which is one of my fav blogs) featured LaLaland on her blog yesterday.  You can check it out here...
Thanks for the shout out Roeshel!

Monday, May 9, 2011

my new hallway

When Mr H asked me what I wanted to do for Mothers Day I said I wanted him to help me paint stripes in the hallway!  I think he was thinking more along the lines of a leisurely walk, a picnic, or a trip to the zoo or the park or something.
He should know better.
But he obliged.  No questions asked.  He IS the best.

so here is our hallway of stripes.  I love it.  i wanted to sleep in the hallway last night.

We used a level and a chalk box to make the lines.  Then we taped on the chalk lines and painted...

and voila- wall went from this

to this-

I think she loves it too!

We have a few minor touchups, but all in all - It turned out perfect!

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to my mom (who is currently living it up in Cancun) and my MIL Betsy, and to all the other mothers in my life!

My big mothers day gift from Mr H is a new closet.  Sounds weird, but I have this long closet in the hallway that I store all of my crafting junk, sewing machine, party supplies, wrapping paper, and whatever else i can cram in there.  I call it my Monica closet (Friends). Its completly unorganized and it annoys the you know what out of me every time I go in there.

I have wanted to do something with this closet for years.  So Mr H is taking it over and making it happen :) custom shelving, new paint, maybe a fancy chandelier???   Love him!

Here is a before pic of the dumping ground...

Now I dont have an after picture yet, as the closet isnt finished. But here is the bone structure of it...

Those floors got a coat of white paint, which I loved. I love white hard wood.  and the walls recieved some new gray paint.  Im thinking yellow built in shelves and some cute baskets???  More pics to come...

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

biking enthusiast...

I think i would definitely bike more if i had this bad-boy attached to my bike...


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

big day here...

..we have official pig tails.  how ridiculous is this???

I bribed her to sit still with cookies..totally worth it.

quick makeover

I had this leopard print footstool for years.  Its never really fit anywhere, so i bought some cute chevron fabric and gave the bad boy a makeover... easy peasy with the staple gun...(forgive the crappy iphone pics)

Fits smashingly in the living room...

I'm loving this chevron fabric. I love the brightness of it.  Im thinking of making curtain panels with it, but could see this pattern as something I will be bored with in a few months. Maybe I'll just test drive this stool for a few weeks and go from there.