Friday, April 22, 2011

Dunzo...for now (and lots of pics)

We have come to a break point in the kitchen reno...there's some more stuff that needs to be done, (backsplash and new counters) but we ran out of steam. Big thanks to Mr H for all his hard work - I am super impressed with all his skills - that man can work a power tool...(TWSS)
Im posting some before pics too so you can see what we were working with...

The biggest changes we made were the floors and new appliances.  It already seemed like a whole new kitchen when those were replaced.

We added crown, sanded all the cabinets down, removed the top doors, installed a vented microwave, and painted.  We also added some beadbard backsplash (to later be replaced with white subway tile)


We have exhausted ourselves with all the work we have done around the house lately so we will be taking a few weeks off to lay around and get fat and stuff.