Tuesday, March 22, 2011

swing and a miss

I spent a majority of my weekend painting. I HATE painting...
I did 2 coats of primer in the kitchen as well as 2 coats in the playroom. Trying to cover up all that green was not an easy task.
Then, I finally picked a color and put up 2 coats in both rooms.  Only problem???  I dont like the color.

I want grey.  like grey-grey.  not blue-grey, green-grey, yellow-grey...I want grey-grey.   Not too dark, not too light.  I have been testing colors for the past month.  I have over 15 samples of paint. I thought i had finally found a winner,  Except when it went up - it looks blue.

I WANT GREY DANG IT!!!!!! I am extremely frustrated

1- I HATE painting and 
2- I HATE wasting time. 
Both of which I  spent most of my weekend doing.  
So its back to the Depot to get more samples and start all over.  At least I wont have to prime again?  

On a happier note...Mr H rebuilt the cabinet going up over the microwave range...So that means (hopefully) it will all be installed by this weekend!  YAY!

I did get to start on a few other projects I will be mentioning later this month (if i finish).  Until then - Im off for some more paint!