Thursday, March 3, 2011

out with the tile - in with the wood

 (thats what she said)  

One of the issues with our house when we moved in was that the kitchen was fugly.  Not only did it come equipped with appliances older than me, but it had awful white tile floors (yes that is an actual before picture of our kitchen). They were absolutely horrendous.  After 2 years we finally $ucked it up and bought new appliances (yes i used that nasty stove for 2 years). They are heavenly!!  The only problem is they accentuated how disgusting that white tile floor was. So we decided it was time to demo the tile and put in hardwood!!

...and the best part?  It costed us  a grand total of $ 0.00.  Yes you read that correctly. Nothing, nada, zip, zilch...I think you get it. 

See, Mr. H moonlights as a hard wood floor installler - seriously. He does it in the summers and occasional weekends.  (I have no idea why it took us over 2 years to get this job done either- its just how we roll).  The company (CHP) he works for has a shed with leftover wood from previous jobs. So we helped ourselves.  There of course wasnt enough of any type of wood to do the whole room. so we decided to stagger some oak, brazillian cherry, and maple randomly throughout the kitchen.  Going into this project we had NO IDEA what it was going to look like, or how it would flow with the hardwood in the rest of the house, but we gave it a shot.

And it turned out Uh-mazing.  I dont know if its just because i had such hatred for the white tile- or if it really just looks that good. (I think it really just looks that good!)

wouldnt you agree?