Tuesday, March 29, 2011

14 months!

Little girl turned 14 months old this week.  She is getting so big and learning so much lately.  It is so fun to watch her little mind at work.  She is beginning to understand so much we say to her and she is curious about EVERYTHING!  She walks around pointing to everything asking Dis?  (whats this)

Her vocabulary is growing, however she still babbles non stop about who knows what. And she still yells angry babbles at her reflection in the mirror.

She continues to be completely smitten over these 2.  She cant get enough of them. ( i don't think they feel the same way, but they play along)

She loves playing outside.  I cant wait until the weather is officially warmer and we can spend all day out there.  

She is laughing all.the.time.  The kid doesn't stop giggling.  Everything is funny to her. She is full of character and has such a fun sense of humor.

I love this lil maniac!!  Happy 14 months girlie!!