Tuesday, March 29, 2011

14 months!

Little girl turned 14 months old this week.  She is getting so big and learning so much lately.  It is so fun to watch her little mind at work.  She is beginning to understand so much we say to her and she is curious about EVERYTHING!  She walks around pointing to everything asking Dis?  (whats this)

Her vocabulary is growing, however she still babbles non stop about who knows what. And she still yells angry babbles at her reflection in the mirror.

She continues to be completely smitten over these 2.  She cant get enough of them. ( i don't think they feel the same way, but they play along)

She loves playing outside.  I cant wait until the weather is officially warmer and we can spend all day out there.  

She is laughing all.the.time.  The kid doesn't stop giggling.  Everything is funny to her. She is full of character and has such a fun sense of humor.

I love this lil maniac!!  Happy 14 months girlie!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

random thoughts by Sarah

Mr H sent me over this sketch for framing out our fireplace and TV as well as a built-in under the side window.

 (note the Fresh Beats cut and pasted on the television in this diagram. He keeps it real.)

We worked our butts off this weekend.  I got 3 rooms painted (and love the color).  Mr H not only got the vent and the microwave installed, he sanded all of our cabinets and woodwork in the kitchen.  We only had 2 trips to Home Depot this weekend - down from 4 last weekend-  progress!!

And just because its Monday, and Mondays suck - here's a little something to brighten your day...I found the 2 of them sitting this way in the playroom.  she was talking his ear off...

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

swing and a miss

I spent a majority of my weekend painting. I HATE painting...
I did 2 coats of primer in the kitchen as well as 2 coats in the playroom. Trying to cover up all that green was not an easy task.
Then, I finally picked a color and put up 2 coats in both rooms.  Only problem???  I dont like the color.

I want grey.  like grey-grey.  not blue-grey, green-grey, yellow-grey...I want grey-grey.   Not too dark, not too light.  I have been testing colors for the past month.  I have over 15 samples of paint. I thought i had finally found a winner,  Except when it went up - it looks blue.

I WANT GREY DANG IT!!!!!! I am extremely frustrated

1- I HATE painting and 
2- I HATE wasting time. 
Both of which I  spent most of my weekend doing.  
So its back to the Depot to get more samples and start all over.  At least I wont have to prime again?  

On a happier note...Mr H rebuilt the cabinet going up over the microwave range...So that means (hopefully) it will all be installed by this weekend!  YAY!

I did get to start on a few other projects I will be mentioning later this month (if i finish).  Until then - Im off for some more paint!

Friday, March 18, 2011

forecast - perfect

This weekends forecast looks incredible.  Today is supposed to get up to 80!!  It was already warm this morning and this little one was begging to go out and play.... I could't say no...

We are going to hopefully get around to some much need, long overdue yardwork...

I need to teach her that pulling weeds is fun.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend outdoors!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Schmonday...

I hate Mondays, especially Mondays that involve me losing an hour of sleep...

We were out of town again this weekend and are just trying to get back into the swing of things. We surprised my friend Casey with a birthday party - she was surprised - success!

drunk eyes - yikes
We left LA with my mom while we were out of town, so I was very excited to get back to this little maniac yesterday.

I was able to squeeze in one little project this weekend. I painted the laundry room door with some chalkboard paint...easy peasy...
my assistant
you can see where the tape peeled off some of the door, so now i will have to repaint that as well...ARGH 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Friday

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Hopefully you get plenty of time outdoors! We have a busy but fun weekend ahead....

current state of our mad house...

We have about a million house projects started, and no time it seems to finish them. With us being out of town so much recently, I feel like i am playing cleanup/catch-up all week  instead of getting anything finished...
As of right now the area above our stove looks like this...been looking like this for a couple weeks now...Mr H is installing an over the range microwave and the vent is not cooperating as much as we would like.  I have faith in him though.  

thats his "i want to punch you in the face" face

the room formerly known as an office is being transtioned into a playroom...sort of. It still needs new paint on the walls (something a little lighter and brighter), some more shelves, a desk, etc...but right now its just an unfinished room.  and it currently looks like a tiny toy bomb went off in there. 

the guest room is now housing the bookshelf from the office, sans the books.  I am just having a hard time filling in each cube...and deciding where i am going to put a couple hundred books...

there are about 15 different color paint samples in various rooms in our home right now...i have FINALLY come to a decision on what color to paint.  now we just have to paint. and what started out as just painting the kitchen has now turned into painting the whole downstairs of the house...Mr H is thrilled.

We really need to free up some weekends now so we can actually finish something we have started....

on the agenda for this spring
finish installing the over the range microwave
Paint as much as I can- mainly kitchen and playroom
powerwash the outside of the house
paint the patios on front and side porch
paint the front door
Yard work, yard work, and more yard work
Frame in the fireplace
builtin next to the fireplace
full dining room overhaul to include
- board and batten wainscoting
- painting
- built in bench ?
- crown molding
- new chandelier
- new kitchen table 
new railings on back deck
new stairs on back deck

Im exhausted for Mr. H already...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

today was a good day

Today is my birthday, and its been a great one so far...i am almost a bigger winner than Charlie Sheen...

~ woke up to 4 simultaneous birthday texts. (so much better than an alarm clock siren)

~ LA slept in until 8:30- meaning I didn't get out of bed until 8:30.

~ GW was super snuggly all morning (rare)

~ My keys, along with Mr H's keys were both where they were supposed to be this morning...winning!

~ LA wouldn't stop saying mamma all morning. she repeatedly hugged me, and she even let me brush her hair for almost 30 seconds

~ Not only did i find $5 outside my car this morning, I got into the car to find a full tank of gas (thanks Mr H)

~ pulled up to work with a big ol' birthday banner and my office decorated...

~ had these guys sitting on my desk waiting for me (Shari's Berries are no joke) these suckers are the size of golf balls...

~ got an email about this...

And its only lunch time- cant wait to see what the rest of today brings....Hopefully it involves me not being at work in an hour and a big ol glass of wine...

shout out to LA on Ohdeedoh

LA got a belated birthday shout-out from her p's on ohdeedoh.com today.  you can check it out here.

Happy Birthday Lilah

2011-lilahbday38.jpgName: Lilah Ann
Birthday: First
Greeting: My dear sweet little maniac - You have come into our lives with such a bang. This past year has been a pure joy. You are so funny and full of personality. There is never a dull moment with you. Your smile and laugh can light up a whole room. You are the love of our lives. We love you so much. Happy Birthday little LA.

Friday, March 4, 2011

LA - 13 months

my girl is 13 months old this week...13 months!  I cant believe it.  while its super cool that she is becoming her own little woman, its sad at the same time becuase my baby is growin up (too fast). 
She talks all.the.time and is actually starting to say real words.  She can say mamma, dadda, orge (George), boots, doggy, and baba (baby). She still loves her doggies more than anything. They make her laugh and she LOVES kissing them...they are the three best friends that anyone could have...the 3 best friends that anyone could have.

Disregard the unmade bed....
She got a new pair of pink boots this month and is obsessed with them.  She wants you to put them on her all the time - even in her jammies.  Its hilarious to try to watch her put them on herself...
Her hair continues to grow out of control and i love it. i only wish she would let me touch it.  I can occasionally get a ponytail if i occupy her with food or my purse for a minute.  

She has started to cuddle a little more with us this month which i LOVE.  She has never been a snuggly baby, but now she comes up to us and sits and snuggles on our lap for a couple minutes here and there...i think she knows how much it means to us.  She is super considerate like that...
Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

out with the tile - in with the wood

 (thats what she said)  

One of the issues with our house when we moved in was that the kitchen was fugly.  Not only did it come equipped with appliances older than me, but it had awful white tile floors (yes that is an actual before picture of our kitchen). They were absolutely horrendous.  After 2 years we finally $ucked it up and bought new appliances (yes i used that nasty stove for 2 years). They are heavenly!!  The only problem is they accentuated how disgusting that white tile floor was. So we decided it was time to demo the tile and put in hardwood!!

...and the best part?  It costed us  a grand total of $ 0.00.  Yes you read that correctly. Nothing, nada, zip, zilch...I think you get it. 

See, Mr. H moonlights as a hard wood floor installler - seriously. He does it in the summers and occasional weekends.  (I have no idea why it took us over 2 years to get this job done either- its just how we roll).  The company (CHP) he works for has a shed with leftover wood from previous jobs. So we helped ourselves.  There of course wasnt enough of any type of wood to do the whole room. so we decided to stagger some oak, brazillian cherry, and maple randomly throughout the kitchen.  Going into this project we had NO IDEA what it was going to look like, or how it would flow with the hardwood in the rest of the house, but we gave it a shot.

And it turned out Uh-mazing.  I dont know if its just because i had such hatred for the white tile- or if it really just looks that good. (I think it really just looks that good!)

wouldnt you agree?